Warwick Castle

We had lots of fun today at Warwick Castle!

We had our exciting trip on the big coach. We saw the outside of the castle and the inside of the castle. We met some peacocks and we had lunch in the banqueting hall. We saw a king and queen and a jester.

We talked about some of the features of a castle that we saw.

In our photos can you see a portcullis? A tower? An arrow slit? Battlements?

We hope you all had fun and learnt lots about castles!

Big thanks to all of the adults who came with us 🙂

Glow Walk Fundraising

Well done to the Paterson family who raised the most sponsorship money from our Glow Walk fundraiser. Here is a little thank you from us 🙂

Well done and thank you to all the children and their families, staff and FAVs members who turned up to support this fun event  and raised sponsorship money as well. Much appreciated!

Enterprise Week

Don’t forget that it’s Enterprise Week this week.

That means our classroom will turn into a factory and we will be busy little elves making things for you to buy!

Parents – on Friday at 2pm you are welcome to come to your child’s class to become our customers!

We will be selling elf biscuits, elf dust and photos of us cheeky little elves in handmade photo frames. All for the bargain price of £5 for all 3 items!

We will use the money we make to buy something special for our classroom.

Thank you for your continued support 🙂


We were very lucky today to have a visit from Cameron from St Giles Church who came to talk to us about Christingles and what they symbolise.

Then we had a chance to work with our Year 1 buddies to make some Christingles to light in our assembly tomorrow.


Please feel welcome to come and join us at 2.30pm tomorrow at Stirling Campus to see the Christingles being lit and join in with our celebration.

What’s in the box?

Today we found a very strange looking box in our classroom. Miss Barrett showed us what was in the box.

We had to talk to our friends about who we thought the objects belonged to and what they used them for.

We thought they might belong to elves who needed the objects to make shoes! Now we know who has been making the shoemaker’s shoes! We can’t wait to turn into elves for our up and coming performance!

Ticket Forms In By Monday Please :-)

You will have all received your performance letter by now, and hopefully will know all of the details about what you need to do. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to come and ask us!

At the bottom of the letter is a ticket request form, which asks you to let us know how many tickets you would like for each performance. In order for us to send out tickets, and to sort out the extra tickets you have requested, please could we ask that everyone’s form is back by Monday 27th November.

 You will need a ticket per person to be able to see the performance. Unfortunately you cannot just turn up on the day, as there are a limited number of seats in the school hall.

 If you haven’t sent your ticket request in yet, please do so by Monday to avoid disappointment. Thank you!