Puck and Potions!

After finding clues in the woods and receiving letters from the fairies outside the fairy door, we have discovered that the king of the fairies, King Oberon, has a naughty servant called Puck who has been playing tricks in our classroom and also in Fairyland!

Puck is so mischievous he decided he would turn a man into a donkey for fun! And then he sprinkled magic dust over Fairyland. The magic dust made all of the creatures and fairies fall in love with the first creature they saw when they opened their eyes. Fairies were falling in love with worms, mice were falling in love with frogs – it was terrible! But worst of all Queen Titania fell in love with the man who had turned into a donkey! She thought she didn’t love King Oberon anymore.

King Oberon sent us a message to find a magic flower to make a potion to wash away the fairy dust and turn everything back to normal. So we did! And luckily it has worked!

IMG_3409[1] IMG_3413[1]

King Oberon was so pleased he has invited us all to celebrate his wedding renewal to Queen Titania! Well done everyone! Good work!

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