String Quartet

On Tuesday a string quartet came in to see us. We did some really good listening. They played some songs we recognised and told us some information.


Afterwards the children said:

“I liked the cello because its nice and calm.”

“I like the violin; it made a squeaky noise.”

“I liked the violin. It sounded beautiful. I liked it when they played Jungle Book.”

“I saw a cello and I did like the bow. It’s made of horse’s hair.”

“I liked the violin. It made the highest sound.”

“I liked it. I liked it when they played ‘Rock A Baby’.”

The children listened to ‘Spring’ from ‘The Four Seasons’ later in the day. They also used their powder paint skills to mix colours to paint an image of a violin. Lots of the Reception children said they wanted to play an instrument themselves.

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