Minibeast Mania

The children have been very busy this week investigating minibeasts. They have sorted minibeasts according to their own criteria. They have watched our caterpillars turn into chrysalises (and I am sure into butterflies next week!). They have been on bug hunts. They have used the internet to research minibeasts. They enjoyed the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.

The children also designed a minibeast lavender cushion and then made it very carefully so that it looked like their design! They used some of the lavender from our herb garden, so they smell nice too! I was so impressed. Here are some of my favourites! I’m sure the children can’t wait to bring them home to show you next week.

What is your favourite minibeast? I think my favourites are dragonflies because they look like they shimmer in the sunshine 🙂

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